Jason Garraway

Residential Specialist

Jason Garraway


The best relationships are developed with time and consistency. Real trust must be earned. After all, "Rome wasn't built in a day."

This is how I approach my work every day. I want my REAL estate business to be based in REAL relationships with the people I serve. I could spend time trying to educate you on the advantages of RE/MAX in the marketplace, or try to use self-serving, flowery words to describe my ability, or explain how being a full-time agent separates me from a majority of other agents in the marketplace. But at the end of the day, it is how I treat you that matters. 

Am I genuine? 

Do I do the right thing? 

Do you trust me to provide you the highest level of client care possible? 

Do I genuinely listen to you, my client, and work to meet your needs? 

This is what I hope defines me as your agent. Every transaction helps me refine my technique; every client helps me refine my care. 

REAL estate. REAL people. REAL relationships. REAL service. REAL client care.