Jason Garraway

Residential Specialist





After setting up an appointment with me to interview as your REALTOR® , the next step for the serious home-buyer is to get PRE-APPROVED for a home mortgage. Smart sellers will want a copy of this pre-approval letter before considering any offer on their home, regardless of how "sweet" the offer may be.

So where do you go?

Who do you trust?

How hard is it?

The following professionals represent decades of experience in the lending business. I have personally worked with each of them and have watched them take care of my clients with the utmost care and attention. They make the process of securing a home loan as stress-free and simple as I make the process of helping you find your new home.


Grace Peterson, PrimeLending


Click HERE to apply with Grace


Juan Gallo III, Fidelity Bank


Click HERE to apply with Juan




Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net